AquaSafe90 re-brand, leaflets, packaging and website

AquaSafe90, a provider of natural seaweed enzyme-based spa water treatment products, approached us for a rebranding project. Our task was to create a new logo, leaflets, packaging, and website.

We developed a logo that embodied AquaSafe90’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions. This new visual identity carried through to the leaflets, which effectively showcased the benefits of their products.¬†Completing the rebranding, we designed a user-friendly website with engaging visuals and detailed product information. The website enabled customers to explore and make purchases easily.

Our comprehensive rebranding efforts positioned AquaSafe90 as a leader in spa water treatment in the UK. Partnering with AquaSafe90, we delivered a visually captivating and cohesive brand identity that aligned with their values, driving their success in the market.