Educational posters and flyers for the Health and Wellbeing Team, Public Health England South West, HM Prison Service.

Public Health England South West with HM Prison Service address the critical issue of drug use among inmates. They approached us with a unique project: the creation of posters and postcards to educate and raise awareness about the harmful effects of drug use within the prison.

Understanding the importance of effective communication and visual impact in such an environment, we embarked on designing compelling materials that would capture the attention of inmates and convey crucial information.

Through careful research and collaboration, we developed a series of visually engaging posters and postcards. The designs incorporated powerful imagery, informative content, and clear messaging to effectively communicate the risks and consequences associated with drug use.

Additionally, we considered the constraints and regulations within the prison environment, ensuring that the materials were suitable for display and distribution within the facility.

The end result was a series of impactful posters and postcards that successfully educated and raised awareness about the effects of drug use among inmates. We were honoured to collaborate with Public Health England South West and the HM Prison Service, contributing to their ongoing efforts to promote a safer and healthier environment within the prison system.

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