Dycem – Branding & Website Design

Dycem Contamination Control & Dycem Non-slip, a leading provider of polymeric mats, flooring solutions and non-slip products, sought our expertise for a new website and rebranding while keeping their original logo.

We developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively showcased their products and expertise in contamination control. Simultaneously, we undertook a rebranding effort, refining elements such as color schemes, icons, typography, and visuals to reflect their innovation.

Maintaining open communication with Dycem, we seamlessly integrated their vision into the website and rebranding. The result was a successful collaboration, delivering a new website and refreshed visual identity.

The website served as a powerful marketing tool, highlighting Dycem’s product range and industry leadership. The rebranding maintained the integrity of their original logo while enhancing their overall visual identity.

We were privileged to work with Dycem, contributing to their success in providing high-quality contamination control solutions.

Branding & Website Design