Paul’s Place – Logo, Re-brand and Website

Paul’s Place, a Bristol-based charity working with disabled individuals, sought our expertise to enhance their reach through a new logo, website, and brand. We undertook the challenge with enthusiasm, aiming to create a lasting impact within the community.

We began by deeply understanding Paul’s Place, their mission, and the remarkable work they do. This insight guided us in designing a fresh, memorable logo that embodies their mission.

We then developed an informative and accessible website that engages users, sharing impactful stories to inspire support and empathy.

Simultaneously, we crafted a comprehensive brand strategy, carefully selecting elements such as color and typography to convey compassion, inclusivity, and empowerment.

The result was a successful brand transformation for Paul’s Place, enabling them to expand their reach and create a greater positive impact on the lives of disabled individuals.

Logo design and Re-brand
Logo design and Re-brand